While our Associates at All About Meetings Inc. have expertise and experience in the iconic Robert’s Rules of Order, and in The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, the most widely used authorities in North America, we also provide services in other less known parliamentary authorities: Bourinot, Kerr and King, Lochrie, Demeter’s Manual and more.  Just ask.

Our expert Associates will travel to any part of North America to serve the meeting needs of all sizes of organizations. These include the largest incorporated companies in North America, professional organizations, medical associations, labor unions, municipalities, school boards, sports organizations, political organizations, not-for-profit organizations and many more.

All About Meetings provides an extensive selection of meeting services, delivered by professionals with extensive experience in the field.

Professional meeting advisor

Act as the professional meeting advisor at your convention, annual general meeting or board of director meetings; walk through the agenda at pre-meetings with staff and officers.

Best practices

Advise on best practices and anticipate areas of the meetings which may be complicated or problematic; help write the meeting script, using best practice wording.


Preside over your Annual or Special meetings, Board meetings, ensuring correct procedure is used, especially in contentious meetings. This allows your president or chair to participate more actively.

One-on-one training

Provide one-on-one training for your officers and committee chairs on presiding skills and techniques; also small group training, for up to six persons.

One and two-day workshops

Provide one and two-day workshops on Parliamentary Procedure and Minute-Taking where the attendees actively practice the procedure to enhance their learning of the principles, practices and basic procedures of parliamentary law.

Independent returning officer

Act as an independent returning officer for your elections, overseeing the elections, and returning the election results to the presiding officer in a timely manner.

Professional review of your bylaws

Provide a professional review of your bylaws, emphasizing ambiguities (if any), sections that need clarification or enhancements, and indicating where the bylaw rule varies from your adopted meeting procedures.

Policy statements

Assist the organization in developing a comprehensive manual of policy statements. 

Professional opinions on complicated situations

Offer professional opinions on complicated meeting situations that could occur in the meeting with the intention of defusing the situation before it occur.

Provide expert advice

Provide professional advice when an ongoing problem already exists, emphasizing next steps to correct the problem, and to avoid it occurring in the future.

Attend legal proceedings or trials

Attend legal proceedings or trials where meeting practices are intricately involved, providing parliamentary advice to legal counsel and others; in addition, act as an expert witness on meeting procedure and practice.

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The Value of

a meeting advisor

“Thank you — it was a pleasure to have you sharing your expertise again with our members. The feedback was outstanding.”
– Director of Communications, Professional Organization

All About Meetings business meeting

“Thank you so much!  So nice to be able to reach out to you. You are a gem. I hope our paths continue to cross!”
– Acting Municipal Clerk