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Are you looking for well-organized, quality and satisfying meetings? Here is what the parliamentarians at All About Meetings Inc. can do to help:

  • provide pre-meeting advice to the President and staff on every element of the meeting;
  • provide accurate scripting on all agenda items for the President and others;
  • provide basic education on meeting processes to officers, committees and members prior to the meeting;
  • guide the presiding officer, unobtrusively and as necessary, throughout the meeting;
  • explain to the members, when asked, the correct procedure to follow;
  • preside over the assembly in contentious meetings, freeing the president to participate; this can be pre-arranged for specific agenda items; and
  • act as an independent consultant and returning officer in elections.

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At All About Meetings Inc., our Associates have expertise in every aspect of various meeting processes. These include nominations and elections, bylaw amendments and revisions, credentialing, resolution committees and how they work, proxies and their uses, and especially important, addressing problems that may unexpectedly arise and explaining how to exit from the problem.


The presiding officer (usually the President) is the main focus of the parliamentarian. The parliamentarian works to ensure the President has a successful meeting, which in turn will ensure the organization has a successful meeting. The parliamentarian only addresses the assembly when asked by the President.


At All About Meetings Inc., the Associates have extensive training in parliamentary procedure and obtained their credentials through their national associations. They are reliable experts and have know-how that is very important in meetings. Our workshops are delivered using practice techniques that enhance the learning experience.

Foreword, from

Lochrie’s Meeting Procedures:

“Jim understands perfectly the fundamental rights of all members in a meeting. He is not a stickler for the rules. He enforces the rules when necessary, but more often than not he is flexible in his presiding duties, thus allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the meeting. What is most important, he gets the business accomplished.”
– Teresa A. Dean, PRP, CPP-T, President, 2001-2003. American Institute of Parliamentarians

All about meetings school trustee

The Value of

a meeting advisor

“Thanks to you for reminding me why Parliamentary Procedure is so important for decision making. I will use my renewed skills to take to future Board meetings.”
– School Trustee